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When it comes to reproductive health, many women find it beneficial to go to an OBGYN for the specialized care and treatment they need. OBGYN stands for a medical professional who is an obstetrician and gynecologist. An OBGYN covers two main aspects of women's health by providing routine medical screenings, reproductive health treatment, pregnancy treatment, preventive care and medical care.

OBGYN services are available at Gopal Reddy Gade MD FACOG in Fresno and the surrounding area. As an obstetrician, we can provide medical services for preconception, pregnancy and childbirth. As a gynecologist, we can also offer treatment for female reproductive health, dealing with issues such as menstruation and STIs.

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OBGYN Services

At Gopal Reddy Gade MD FACOG we are committed to our patients and strive to provide the necessary women's health services they need. We offer obstetrics and gynecological care to women regardless of their age and current health. Women who need treatment for high-risk disorders, such as cervical/ovarian cancer, endometriosis or uterine fibroids are encouraged to contact us as soon as possible.

Many of these conditions will start out with minor symptoms that will worsen without proper care. In addition to providing continuing care for high-risk individuals, we also offer a comprehensive range of medical services for women. Female reproductive health services that we offer patients include:

  • Pap smears
  • Breast exams
  • STI/STD screening and treatment
  • Prenatal and postpartum care
  • Birth control and family planning
  • Testing and treatment for reproductive disorders
  • Menopause care

The Importance of reproductive health

When it comes to being healthy, one aspect that women should never overlook is their reproductive organs. Many of the critical hormones their bodies need come from this internal system. Reproductive health can be crucial to one’s standard of living. Regular screenings from Gopal Reddy Gade, MD FACOG can help aid in the early detection of issues and disorders that can compromise female health.

These appointments can help reduce the likelihood of missed and delayed diagnoses to facilitate treatment and a better outcome. We also offer services so women can comfortably voice their concerns and needs. This way, the patient can receive the individualized attention and answers they need to make the best decisions for their situation.

We encourage our patients to develop long-term relationships with our team to maximize the quality of personal care they enjoy from us.

Prenatal care that goes above and beyond

When visiting our OBGYN/pregnancy doctor, our patients can expect to receive the utmost standards in care. We understand the importance of health for a mother and her developing baby and recognize the most effective way to provide it starts before conception. Gopal Reddy Gade, MD FACOG has the knowledge to provide comprehensive prenatal care throughout the pregnancy, with services such as:

  • Prenatal testing
  • High-risk assessment and treatment
  • Vaginal deliveries and c-sections
  • Diet and pregnancy counseling
  • Vaccinations

After choosing one of our pregnancy doctors, pregnant patients can expect to see a practitioner or midwives once a month or every four weeks until the third trimester (approximately 28 weeks). At the start of the third trimester, prenatal visits are required every two weeks until around 36 weeks. After 36 weeks, weekly visits are necessary to ensure the mom and baby are both in good health and to discover and prevent complications that may develop.

Some women with diabetes, who develop gestational diabetes, have high blood pressure or have other serious risk factors, may have further concerns. Such high-risk pregnancies require more frequent appointments and additional prenatal services throughout all terms.

Compassionate female reproductive health care and services

We encourage women to start their prenatal care early on, preferably as soon as they learn they are expecting. To aid in this process, we offer pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and family planning services. Gopal Reddy Gade MD FACOG is dedicated to women’s health. We can address the specific needs of each individual who chooses us for their obstetric, gynecological and pregnancy care. We will strive to help our patients enjoy optimal health and quality of life.

From the moment patients walk in the door to any follow-up care, our team takes the time to provide patients with the customized care they need. We will tailor the treatment to focus on the source of the health issue instead of just the symptoms. Instead of waiting or putting off a visit for any number of reasons, visit us today. We can help you on the path toward health and wellness.

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