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Pregnancy is an important time in a woman’s life where a healthy attitude, lifestyle and the right prenatal care are necessary. Women have been getting pregnant and delivering babies since the dawn of time. A pregnancy doctor can provide professional medical services, so women receive the care they need during the pregnancy, childbirth and follow-up care.

Pregnancy doctor services are available at Gopal Reddy Gade MD FACOG in Fresno and the surrounding area. Under the direction of Gopal Reddy Gade, MD FACOG, our team can help minimize the risk of complications by providing the pregnancy and women’s health services patients require. No one should ever undervalue the importance of seeing a pregnancy doctor.

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The Importance of prenatal care

Anyone who plans to start their family soon and is considering getting pregnant needs to seek prenatal care. This type of medical care is solely focused on the needs of the expecting mother and developing baby. During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes numerous changes; not all of them expected, comfortable or easy to manage.

Some changes are normal and result in little to no discomfort. Other changes are not normal and can cause complications that interfere with the mother’s health and ability to sustain the pregnancy. These complications can also affect the baby's health. Proper prenatal care minimizes the risk of complications that expectant mothers encounter and provides treatment options to ensure the best possible outcome.

Prenatal care is available by an OBGYN or pregnancy doctor. Gopal Reddy Gade, MD FACOG understands women's health and centers this practice on pregnancy care, childbirth care and women’s reproductive health. While there are also midwives, doulas and general practitioners who see pregnant women, an OBGYN is often the professional of choice.

An OBGYN also provides prenatal care to women with high-risk pregnancies, as well as the following for typical pregnancies:

  • Pregnancy testing
  • Preconception and antennal care
  • Prenatal lab and diagnostic care
  • Labor, childbirth and postpartum care
  • Family planning counseling

The benefits of pregnancy services offered here at Gopal Reddy Gade MD FACOG include lower risk of complications, proper maternal and fetal education, maternal support and resources for healthy fetal development, management of common pregnancy ailments and discomforts, and positive pregnancy and childbirth outcomes.

Our Prenatal care services

We will need to schedule multiple appointments to monitor the patient's progress during the pregnancy. We will schedule the patient in for appointments approximately every four weeks so we can monitor both the patient and the baby’s health. We also use this time to perform diagnostic tests to rule out problems, identify issues and provide the earliest intervention possible to prevent/reduce complications.

We encourage patients to ask questions and share any concerns and discomfort they are experiencing. This way, we can provide the information the patient needs to manage the pregnancy and put their mind at ease. Other factors that lead to healthy and uncomplicated pregnancies include:

  • Healthy weight
  • Proper vitamins, supplements and medications
  • Exercise
  • Pregnancy appointments
  • Maternal education

Ask any questions during the appointments

We encourage patients to speak up and ask questions about any concerns they may have between and during appointments. Be sure to report any serious concerns, such as bleeding, pain, lack of fetal movement, dizziness, fluid loss and other abnormal/unusual issues to help us identify any potential problems. These conditions could negatively impact the baby's well-being.

Once the pregnancy advances to 32 weeks, biweekly appointments become necessary. At 36 weeks, we provide weekly appointments. If there are high-risk factors, such as diabetes, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, high blood pressure or genetic/congenital disability concerns, we may increase the frequency of prenatal visits.

We structure all care and support services around the specific health needs of each patient and the developing baby. We can provide a variety of routine checkups, screenings and treatments for pregnant women. We also offer comprehensive women’s health care to women who are in the pre-and post-conception stages of their lives, including care and support for the menopause years.

Exceptional care for childbirth and beyond

Prenatal care is needed to improve the outcome for mother and child before and during birth. After delivery, new mothers need to see an OBGYN for postpartum care. While the pregnancy is over, the care and support a new mother receives during the postpartum period can help to prevent issues. By preventing these issues, we can help patients receive treatment for emotional and physical health conditions.

By visiting our pregnancy doctor, you can receive the necessary care during and after the pregnancy. Call us at (559) 975-1216 today to schedule an appointment with us.

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