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Many women face varied health issues and may need prenatal care, pap smears, contraceptive counseling or treatment for urinary incontinence, among other things. We help patients in areas such as infertility, PMS and some types of chronic pain. Women’s health services include professional care such as pregnancy care, STD screening and gynecological issues.

Women's health services are available at Gopal Reddy Gade MD FACOG in Fresno and the surrounding area. Gopal Reddy Gade, MD FACOG can help treat a variety of health issues in women, including women concerned about a possible STD or irregular periods. Similarly, we can assist women going through high-risk pregnancies, infertility, PMS or menopause.

Whether you need preventive or responsive women’s health services, call us at (559) 975-1216 today.

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Receive pregnancy care and other services

As an OBGYN practice, we provide pregnancy care from beginning to end. If a patient is struggling to get pregnant, we can assess the issue and explore any treatment options. If the patient is pregnant, we keep an eye on both the patient and the baby throughout the pregnancy. A high-risk pregnancy requires even closer monitoring.

We offer help with contraception for women who do not want to become pregnant. With our OBGYN services, patients can discuss how important pregnancy prevention is to them. We can also discuss when/if they might like to become pregnant, how many children they want and other related topics. We can assist women with the following additional issues:

  • Fibroids
  • Breast cancer and pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Menopause health
  • Ovarian cysts
  • STDs
  • PMS
  • Vaginal and urinary tract infections
  • Heavy periods
  • Irregular periods

A woman may experience pain in a specific area but be unsure why the pain is occurring. Our team works with patients to understand and explore their symptoms. We endeavor to treat the symptoms as well as the underlying causes. We aim to use clear, straightforward language and to respect patients’ time, dignity and needs.

For instance, a woman who is pregnant can experience bleeding, severe nausea and vomiting, significant increases or declines in the baby’s activity level, swelling or early contractions. These issues could potentially be serious, so the patient needs to receive high-quality care.

Treatment methods for women’s health services

Many conditions, such as pregnancy, require regular tracking and monitoring, both for the mother and the child. Depending on the specific situation, we may recommend treatments such as massage, physical therapy, medication, hospitalization, surgery or rest.

People may not realize that pregnancy takes a toll on the body in multiple areas. Following a pregnancy, we can help provide health checkups for the patient to ensure they are healing correctly. We understand that it is especially crucial in the women’s health services field to evaluate each situation one by one and to develop customized approaches.

Importance of preventive and follow-up care

Preventive care can catch problems early or keep them from ever happening. One example is a Pap smear, which detects many cases of cervical cancer early to give women a better chance at recovery. Another example is breast exams in which a medical professional will check for potentially suspicious lumps or areas in a woman’s breast. Other examples of preventive care that Gopal Reddy Gade, MD FACOG offers include:

  • STD screenings
  • Urinary incontinence screenings
  • Osteoporosis screenings
  • Diabetes screenings
  • Anemia screenings
  • Pap smears
  • Contraception

Our team sees patients of varying ages and is well-versed with common health conditions each age group faces. A 65-year-old woman has at least a few different concerns than a 25-year-old or 95-year-old. Follow-up care is critical, as well.

Our team wants to make sure patients are in as healthy and comfortable a place as possible, physically, mentally and emotionally. We want to minimize the chances of a medical issue recurring, flaring up or causing side effects.

Regular pregnancy monitoring and follow-up

When a woman is pregnant, regular care appointments are especially important. Likewise, follow-up care is essential after delivery. Gopal Reddy Gade, MD FACOG can help with issues related to gestational diabetes, C-sections, ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, placental abruptions, preterm labor and more.

Regular monitoring paves the way for what will hopefully be a safe pregnancy and delivery. When it comes time for the baby to be born, we will make sure the patient knows what to expect and is prepared. If the mother or child needs help, we render care promptly.

Respect and professional service

At Gopal Reddy Gade MD FACOG, we take women’s health issues seriously. Our team treats women for a variety of conditions and uses preventive methods to keep them as healthy as possible. Our attitude is positive, and we collaborate with you — no judging. If you are pregnant, need a checkup or want to consider contraceptive services, we can help.

Call us at (559) 975-1216 to schedule an appointment and begin the treatment process.

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